Student? Frank.

Making student life better, each day.

What is Frank:

Frank is a student benefit and identification service provider. Frank issues the national student card for higher degree students (plastic student cards) and launched Finland’s first free digital student card in 2016, for both lower and higher degree students.

All in-store discounts can be accessed with any Finnish student card (digital and plastic). Online discounts require registration to Frank’s site or activating the digital student card in Frank App, so that we can verify your student status. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll gain access to specialized links and discount codes for online stores. The quickest and smartest way is to download Frank App, activate your digital student card (it takes less than a minute and it is free) and start browsing the student discounts via Frank App.

The following list includes all student organisations who have partnered with Frank. Contact your student organisation if it’s not on that list :)

Download Frank App and your digital student card from here (0€)

Order a plastic student card here (from 15,10€)

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Kari "Kapa" Laurikainen
Sales Manager
+358 50 563 3428

Sara Miettunen
Operations Manager
+358 40 589 7819

Tiia Lehtola
Managing Director
+358 40 771 3581

Teemu Ceder
Campaign Manager
+358 50 523 5018

Sauli Böhm
Digital Growth Manager
+358 50 530 9902

Suvi Honkanen
Sales Associate
+358 50 408 5008

Pasi Koskela
Sales Associate
+358 50 4088 597

Silla Aaltonen
Community Manager