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Downloading Frank App

Q1: I have a Windows Phone. Is it possible to get the digital student card for Windows Phones, and when?

Frank App and digital student card is not available for Windows Phones. Nor will Frank Students develop Frank App for Windows Phones in the future.

Activating the digital student card

Q2: I can’t activate the digital student card, App just informs me that “Something went wrong”. What should I do?

There are many applicable reasons for this, such as:

  • The student organisation membership is no more valid

  • You have not enrolled to the present semester

  • You have no longer right to study

  • There is a spelling error or typo in the information you submitted

  • The national student register contains spelling error or typo in regard to your information

In order to prevent any misuse of the digital student card we are not allowed to disclose any accurate error conditions. In order to resolve the issue you need to contact your local student organisation.

Q2.1: I'm an exchange student. Do I need a Finnish personal identity code in order to activate my digital student card?

Yes. Finnish personal identity code ought be obtained by all exchange students on programmes of at least three (3) months of duration as their personal details must be reported in accordance with the requirements of Statistics Finland and Eurostat.

Q3: I don’t want to add my photo to my digital student card. Can I still start using it?

Unfortunately you can’t. In order to be accepted as an official student ID, the student card has to include a recognizable facial image of the card holder.

Q4: I don’t want Frank to get my phone number. Can I still start using the digital student card?

Unfortunately you can’t. The phone numbers are collected to prevent any misuse of the the digital student card. The collected phone numbers will not be used for any marketing purposes.

Q5: Where do you get the data concerning my enrolment status?

When you join your student organisation, your personal information are being recorded in the national student register which contains updatable personal and enrolment data. Thus your student card can be updated without you having to do anything.

Digital student card

Q6: What kind of student discounts will I get access to?

With digital student card you are eligible to all the same student discounts as with the traditional plastic one. The difference is that your digital student card can be automatically updated without you having to retrieve any year tags. The activation process takes less than a minute and the digital student card costs nothing.

Q7: Who are eligible to use the digital student card?

The digital student card is meant for people studying in Finland. This means students in high schools, vocational schools, universities or universities of applied sciences. To activate the digital student card, you must be a member of your student union. Check out all the student unions who are in cooperation with Frank here: About

Eri oppilaitosten opiskelijajärjestöt:

  • POIS

  • POIS

  • POIS

  • POIS

Q8: How much does the digital student card cost?

Nothing. Digital student card is completely free for all students.

Q9: Do I need to have the tradition plastic student card in order to activate the digital student card?

Nope :)

Q10: Why do I need to pay for the traditional plastic student card in order to join my local student organisation?

Our goal is to enable students to join their student organisations without having to order the plastic student card. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. More information regarding this issue should asked from one’s own student organisation.

Q11: What if I want just the digital student card?

If you are a university student, all you need to do is to enroll to the present semester and pay the student union fee. Once you have done that, you are all good to download Frank App and activate the digital student card (the activation can be done on the following day from the enrollment).

You may also contact your student organisation to ask whether it is possible to join the organisation without having to order the plastic student card. Worth noting is that this may not be possible for all student organisations.

Q12: How do I change my photo in the digital student card?

At the moment it is not possible to update the photo after the activation process. In the near future it possible to change the photo once per academic year. The limitation is due to prevent any misuse of digital student card.

Issues related to student discounts

Q13: Cashier is not informed about the digital student card and will not accept it as a valid student ID - what should I do?

Please show the cashier Frank’s site for partners which includes the official description of the digital student card.

Q14: Cashier will not approve my digital student card as valid ID - what should I do?

We will inform all the organisations and parties about the digital student card. Please bear in mind that the approval processes vary in different organisations. Please send us email at and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Device / OS / connection related issues

Q15: I can’t find Frank App from App Store or Play store.

If you can’t find Frank App in your own app store, it may be due to following reasons:

  • Your operating system is out-of-date. Frank App can be downloaded for iPhones which have with iOS9+ OS and Android phones which have Android 4.4. + OS

  • You have a Windows Phone. Frank will not be available for Windows Phones

Q16: Frank App crashes constantly, why is that?

First of all, we apologize! Please make sure, that you have updated the App to the latest version. If the problem is not fixed, we would appreciate if you could inform us in regard to the issue by sending us email

Q17: Does the digital student card work offline?

If you have activated the digital student card, you can use it normally also when operating in offline mode. When operating offline, Frank App disables only discount and activation modes.

Q18: My battery ran out, what should I do?

Please charge your phone. Frank App is waiting for you once you’ve done with charging.

Plastic student card

Q19: I have questions related to ordering and/or delivery process of the plastic student card. What should I do?

In questions related to the ordering and delivery of your card, contact your own student union - they will help you out. In all issues you may also contact us at

Maksuominaisuudella varustettu opiskelijakortti toimitetaan kotiosoitteeseesi. Opiskelijakortti ilman maksuominaisuutta sen sijaan toimitetaan opiskelijajärjestösi toimipisteeseen, jonka olet valinnut kortin tilaamisen yhteydessä. Huomiothan, että kaikki opiskelijajärjestöt eivät ilmoita sinulle erikseen, kun korttisi on saapunut perille. Korttitilauksen maksaminen onnistuu tilauksen yhteydessä suomalaisilla verkkopankkitunnuksilla tai yleisimmillä maksukorteilla. Maksukortin ei tarvitse olla suomalainen, vaan myös ulkomaalaiset Visa- ja Mastercard-kortit kelpaavat maksuvälineeksi. Emme ota vastaan käteismaksuja tai tilisiirtoja.

Q20: I’ve lost my plastic student card. What should I do?

If you lose your card, you just have to order a new one here. Frank is not responsible for reimbursing your card.

24h Service number 010 2662 000 (0,084€/call + (0,06€/min, mobile 0,17€/min))

If you had a payment ability in your lost card, you can close it by calling 010 2662 000 (0,084€/call + (0,06€/min, mobile 0,17€/min)) or in Elisa Wallet mobile application.

Q21: What is an ISIC card?

You may order your Finnish student card as an ISIC combination card, granting you discounts both in Finland and abroad for the whole length of your studies. The additional cost for an ISIC combination card is 15 €. The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted student id. ISIC offers you over 42,000 student discounts in 130 countries, and with an ISIC card you’re also entitled to purchase student-priced flights from several airlines. You may also purchase an ISIC card separately, valid for one year here. The price for this card is 15 €.